Our going to the cinema

Once a month my family and I go to the cinema. It’s our tradition and favorite way to watch new movies. We begin to prepare in advance. We usually look for what movies are on and then discuss what movie to watch.

My father prefers popular science films and my mother likes musicals. My sister watches a good love story with pleasure. And I enjoy detective films. We all like different genres, but we never argue with each other. We choose movie for the family, we need something pleasant, amusing and funny.

My father usually books tickets before the show. Then I look forward to that evening when I turn out in the cinema. I like the experience of being there. Cinema inside has a special magic atmosphere. We take places in the comfortable chairs. My father buys caramel popcorn for my mum and sister, a coke for me and a bottle of water for himself. And we are ready for watching.

The big screen and the sound are rather important things. The typical combination of voices and images can affect people on many different levels. Movies touch not only our minds but also our emotions. When the lights go down, it seems that you find yourself in another world.

After watching we share our impressions by the acting and the movie itself. Any film extends our knowledge about people and about the world we live. And owing to films we can keep our family tradition. Our going to the cinema is not only a way of relaxing, but also a lovely way of spending time together.